About this site

This site was generated using GraphSite, a tool for converting a graph (enriched with Markdown files) to a fully fledged static website.

The code that does this fits on a T-shirt:

from GraphSite.generate import Generator

g = Generator.from_HEdit('SiteGraph.json', pages_dir='articles', as_index='Home');
g.add_contact([('E-mail', 'mailto:contact@adamv.be'), ('Twitter', 'https://twitter.com/AdamVcoding'), ('Github', 'https://github.com/Adam-Vandervorst')]);
g.add_info(name='data', description='description');
g.add_structure(links=['applied', 'related', 'inspired', 'successor'], partitions=['date'], labels=['labels']);

A demonstration of how this site's graph is traversed and managed using H-Edit: