1. About this site
    The purpose of this site and how to navigate it.
  2. Auxilio
    Framework for building assistive applications commissioned by UCSF.
  3. Darts
    Using touch or eye-gaze to navigate a word embedding and type.
  4. DeltaSteam
    A framework for expressing changes to data structures.
  5. Dynamic keyboard layout
    Fitting to your hands and to your current task, procedurally generated.
  6. Edges to edges
    About G(raph), T, and H structures and what they bring to the table.
  7. ForceLayout
    Minimal implementation of force layout for graphs and algebraic graph building.
  8. Furcate
    Quickly navigate any web page with a fixed number of actuators.
  9. G-spec
    Specification for a graph-based programming language.
  10. GraphSite
    Converting your knowledge base into a static site.
  11. H-Edit
    Graph editor where edges are allowed to go to edges.
  12. Home
    Adam Vandervorst his site about machine learning, graph generalizations, and human-computer interaction.
  13. IRSE
    IRSE Recursive Structure Editor is a semantic programming environment.
  14. Impuls
    A DeltaStream implementation for talking about value changes in the Momentum FRP Scala library.
  15. Information programming
    Framework for solving problems with lattices and Galois connections.
  16. Interesting references
    A collection of sites, papers, and people you may enjoy if you enjoy my work.
  17. KO
    Keyless On-screen-keyboard drops keys themselves from a dynamic layout and adds intelligence.
  18. LLGrraph
    Lifelong Graph framework supporting various specialized graphs, graph generalizations, rewriting systems, and traversals.
  19. Logics playground
    Collection of logic implementations for educational purposes.
  20. MetaEditor
    A visual, sheave-based editor for high-level language-agnostic programming.
  21. Mirror
    Using dynamic layouts with a fixed number of actuators to type, navigate, or execute actions.
  22. Momentum
    A barebones and modular functional reactive programming library for Scala.
  23. Node tagged edges
    How rich graphs can be unified with tagging edges with nodes instead of properties.
  24. OpenEnv
    Framework for heterogeneous agent collaboration experiments.
  25. Ruler
    Using a language model and a simple interface to allow for typing and computer control with a joystick.
  26. Sceptic
    A structured belief builder with AI sceptics helping you find reasoning flaws.
  27. Semantic typing
    Typing with meaningful - and possibly continuous - actions instead of characters.
  28. Specify
    Algorithm to interactively narrow down an area of interest in a search space.
  29. Spider
    Visual graph traverser that can walk over many graph generalizations.
  30. Ties
    A Tie is the main object in a formalism designed to characterize various graph generalizations.
  31. TraversalSpecify
    Tool made to interactively construct knowledge graph queries.
  32. Typing glove
    Smart-glove application that allows you to type with one hand on Mirror.
  33. WOAC
    Workstation On-screen-keyboard And Control-panel makes for a daily driver without keyboard or mouse.
  34. Walkers
    Gathering specific information from the internet with a swarm of NLU agents.
  35. X